POST VOYAGER provides a quick and inexpensive blockchain, easy UI/UX and various services to support numerous people exploring a new metaverse.
About us
Based in Singapore, POST VOYAGER is creating a blockchain ecosystem that will uphold a metaverse. Being a subsidiary of Cocone, a metaverse-specialized company that has grown into a global company over the last 13 years, POST VOYAGER is a prepared blockchain company that is participating in the governance council of a blockchain platform, Klaytn Network.
POST VOYAGER intends to create a metaverse on Web 3 and build a fair profit-sharing blockchain ecosystem by developing a decentralized financial service that is open and fair to everyone. To that end, the primary goals are to develop a fast and stable network, create community-based values, build a fair play-to-earn structure for every user, and devise an easy UI/UX for everyone.

It is certain that the platform economy is shifting to a protocol economic ecosystem where profits are distributed according to participation in the form of rewards on a decentralized and open network without any monopoly over profits and information. In addition, we believe that a metaverse and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that are equipped with digital contents will strongly stretch into our real world.

With such visions, POST VOYAGER will build the core of metaverse, a blockchain ecosystem by combining IP with a blockchain technology and expand the business territory to P2E and crypto finance.
Our Business
Blockchain network infra
Blockchain network infra
POST VOYAGER’s MOOI Network is a side chain of Klaytn and a high-speed network that can handle 4,000 TPS. It supports fast transactions with finality of blocks that are created every second. With a low transaction fee that is close to zero, MOOI Network supports numerous economic activities and item transactions of metaverse users using an optimum blockchain technology.
NFT Marketplace
Crypto Wallet
Token Economy
Play to Earn
AI Trading
Crypto Deposit
Blockchain Infra
Blockchain network infra
NFT Marketplace
Crypto Wallet
Road map
The Project Roadmap is continuously managed and the progress is planned to be shared transparently..
Phase 1
Official marketing channels launch
Token / Wallet launch
Meta Livly - Service launch
MOOI DEX launch
MOOI Bridge launch
NFT Marketplace open
Phase 2
More P2E services open
MOOI Defi Service launch
MOOI Governance launch
Metaverse concept reveal
Metaverse Demo gameplay open
Metaverse Land pre-sale
Phase 3
MOOI Metaverse launch
MOOI Community festival