Post Voyager is a platform specializing in self-promotion for creative artists in the world. We provide a showcase for amateur artists and help to find the right artists for anyone who wants to discover and collect creative art works.  All featured projects on Post Voyager and products in our online curated shop will be determined by our service users’ choices. Members of Post Voyager can Follow each other’s profile. When a member Follow someone, their updates (Creative art works they’ve uploaded, Appreciated, or Added to a Collection) appear in the member’s Activity Feed.


Bring Your Creative Works
To The Real World!

Every month, We make exclusive sales contracts with artists of top 3 projects after a throughout background check regarding plagiarism.
Down payment will be calculated in direct proportion to how many “Like”s the project gets. 
We give them guidance to merchandise their artwork and provide a marketplace on our online store Cu-shop.

* Five percent of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations to help young artists.